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AG+ Pro Medical Grade 
Silver Ion UVC Air Purifier

On the recommendation list by FEHD
Aurabeat specific model NSP-PCO
Best pick for restaurants and bars

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According to the latest regulations by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), all catering premises must meet the requirement of having a minimum of six air changes per hour or installing air purifier

HEPA cum UV-C device  OR  HEPA device  OR  UV-C device

Aurabeat AG+ Pro Medical Grade
Silver Ion UVC Air Purifier

First purifier to be tested with actual covid-19 virus

Certified to eliminate >99.9% Covid-19 in 30 minutes

Combining UVC and H13 HEPA sterilization purifying technology

On the recommendation list by FEHD

UV-C LightWavelength is 253.7nm
Electronic Appliance
Safety Regulations

GB 28235-2020, GB/T 18202-2000 
HEPA Filter
BS EN 1822-3:2009 
≥ 99.97% filtration efficiency of ≥0.3µm particles
5 Layer Mechanism

Founded in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park from 2017. Hong Kong Brand, Research Proven.

Combine with UV-C lamp and H13 HEPA patented AG+ Silver Ion filter which can filter and sterilize > 99.97% virus and bacteria in order to avoid second infection.

Certified to eliminate >99.9% COVID-19, Influenza virus, Staphylococcus aureus and all airborne bacteria in 30 minutes

High efficiency silver ion filter with long duration to maximum 2 years

Air flow can be adjusted automatically according to the pollutants detected by sensors, with 3 wind speed options

FDA-Registered as a Medical Device and Product certification from SGS

Selling in more than 40 countries with high reputation and strong trustworthy from many countries’ government and hospitals

Selling in more than half of the hospitals, government sectors, shopping malls, sport centres and gyms, etc. 

Suitable for area with 460 square feet

Why do you pick AURABEAT?
AURABEAT combines the benefits
of UVC and H13 HEPA

Other Devices with UVC Only

Divided into 2 categories - 1) UVC lamp only & 2) UVC Air Purifier

UVC lamp is harmful if it goes direct to people. Therefore, the installation can only be done on the ceiling which means the sterilization is limited to the top part of the room

The air intake speed of air purifier with UVC light is very fast, so the air can only be sterilized completely after going through the device for hundreds cycles

Technician is needed for the installation of UVC ceiling lamp

Other Devices with HEPA Only

Many air purifiers with HEPA filters can only capture bacteria and virus on the filters, but not eliminate them. Virus and bacteria will remain alive on filters

When changing and moving the air purifiers, virus and bacteria will be released to the air again and cause second infection

Aurabeat AG+ Pro Medical
Grade Silver Ion UVC Air Purifier

It combines both benefits of UVC and H13 HEPA, not only filter virus, but to eliminate them. It is to avoid second infection

Combining patented silver ion technology, AG+ air purifier is certified to eliminate >99.9% Covid 19 within 30 minutes

5 layers sterilization purifying technology (Silver Ion HEPA filter, Photocatalytic Oxidation layer, UVC lamp, Plasma Sterilization, Pre-filter)

Use directly without any installation which can save Capex cost

International Authority Certification


Proven that Aurabeat AG+ Antiviral technology can eliminate >99.9% of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) within 30 mins


AATCC 100 modified for Human Coronavirus. Eliminate 99.09% on Human Coronavirus in 30 minutes

MAC Logo

99 to 99.99% Elimination on 3 Strains of Bacteria (On UV+Plasma alone)

CEN Logo

EN1822-3:2009 High efficiency air filters. Testing flat sheet filter media

SGS Logo

>99.99% elimination on airborne influenza virus & bacteria elimination test


No cytotoxicity to human cell

ISO Logo

ISO 10993-10 Biological evaluation of medical devices. Proven that the technology does not cause any skin irritation

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FDA Logo

FDA Registered 510(k) Class II Medical Device. FDA approved as medical grade sterilization air purifier

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Aurabeat can provide the below services:

  Provide and install the air purifiers for restaurants and bars

  Assist restaurants and bars to fill in the Certificate requested by FEHD

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