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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We recommend the following precautions:

1. Make sure there is at least 5cm space at the back of the air purifier so as not to bend the electronic plug connected to the machine to avoid damaging the cable, which may cause short circuit or overheat. Additionally, it is important to avoid placing the machine too close to the wall, as this can affect the operation of the air quality sensor.

2. To prevent damage to the cable, avoid pressing the power cable plug connected to the machine.

3. Check the dusty level of the filter every 6 months. If the filter starts to turn dark grey or black in color, we advise you to replace the filter.

4. Turn on the timer to automatically turn off the air purifier and save unnecessary costs.

5. Do not use the air purifier in a damp or humid environment.

6. Keep the air purifier away from heat sources, direct sunlight, and flammable materials.

7. Do not use the air purifier for purposes other than its intended use.

8. When cleaning the air purifier, make sure to unplug it first and follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual.

9. If you have any questions or concerns about using the AG+ Air purifier, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier, combined with silver ion, ultraviolet and plasma to create 5 sterilization purifying technology is registered as a US FDA Class II Medical Device. The device has been independently tested by the world-renowned virology laboratory MRI Global to be able to eliminate> 99.9% of COVID-19 in just 10 minutes. NSP series has even been proven to eliminate mutated COVID-19 virus strain in just 36 seconds.

Some air cleaners in the market do not have the function of eliminating viruses. When replacing the filter or moving the air cleaners, the dust, particulate matters, and viruses accumulated on the surface of the filter element will easily raise and re-enter the air, causing a secondary infection.

Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier can effectively eliminate the bacteria and viruses captured on the filter in a short time, greatly reducing the risk of secondary infection.

Most air purifiers in the market are unable to eliminate bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19. Simply capturing the virus inside the unit without elimination can significantly raise the risk of secondary infection. MRIGlobal laboratory tests verified the effectiveness of the Aurabeat AG+  Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifiers  in eliminating the new coronavirus (COVID-19), especially the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant. 

Yes. Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier has gone through airborne influenza virus elimination test and the result proves > 99.99% elimination on 2 subtypes of airborne influenza virus.

Yes. Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier is certified by the US FDA as a Class II Medical Device.

No. Since our unique silver ion technology does not release silver ions into the air, the silver ions are coated onto the filter layer of the filter element, and will not be inhaled into the lungs, nor absorbed by the skin, and the technology does not affect human health.

The silver ion technology quickly and efficiently eliminates bacteria and viruses that are captured on the filter, effectively reducing the risk of secondary infection; while the plasma disinfection layer can quickly and efficiently eliminate microorganism escaping the filter and decompose toxic carcinogenic gases (formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds). The two technologies complement each other to achieve highly efficient air sterilization purifying.

The UV / UV-C lamp can eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air, and it continuously irradiates at the inside of the machine to help disinfect the inside of the air purifier. This is also a detail that many air cleaners on the market ignore.

Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier does not affect the indoor air humidity. If the indoor air humidity is too high, it will be easier for bacteria and mould growth.

Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier specializes in disinfecting the air, our unique AG+ silver ion technology has been proven to eliminate > 99.9% of COVID-19 virus in 10 minutes.

Many air cleaners claimed with antimicrobial air filter on the market simply put disinfectant onto the air filter, while disclosing the bacteria elimination efficiency of the disinfectant instead of the air filter/air cleaner. Many disinfectants will damage the air filter fibres structure and lower its filtration performance. Also, after the disinfectant evaporated or dried, the antimicrobial performance will be greatly reduced. Aurabeat AG+ air purifiers, however, directly send our silver ion air filter media for the third-party virology test, instead of testing a disinfectant to mislead customers.

AG+ H13 HEPA air filter has 99.97% filtration efficiency on ≥0.3 µm particles, and can even effectively filter particles with size down to 15nm which is proven by authority testing agency.

Nano-crystalline filter is a new generation of deodorization material compared to activated carbon. Because activated carbon will split into fine carbon powder, it may enter the air and increase the level of suspended particles, but this will not happen with Nano-crystalline material.

When replacing the filter element or moving the air cleaner, the dust, suspended particles, and viruses that accumulate on the surface of the filter element can be easily detached from the air filter and re-enter the air, causing a secondary infection. Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier can effectively eliminate the bacteria and viruses captured on the filter element in a short time, greatly reducing the risk of secondary infection.

Filters of air cleaners/ air purifiers that can be washed with water are only low/medium grade filters. The filters used in infectious wards, isolation wards, operating rooms, etc. are not washable filters, because those washable low/medium-grade filters do not have good enough filtration efficiency, especially in filtering Nano-scale viruses.

Filters can be ordered from our official website. (

Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier (NSP series) has an effective protection area of 460-538 sq feet. At an area of 460-538 sq feet and a height of 2.5 meters which can achieve an air change and air disinfection of 3.4 times per hour.

The High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter generally needs to be replaced after 6 to 18 months of usage. The product has a smart timer reminder. After 2000 hours of use, you can check if the filter is still clean. A clean filter can be reused for 2000 hours. If the filter becomes grey/black, it needs to be replaced.

The Nano-crystalline Filter can be cleaned by exposure to sunlight for 1 to 3 hours every 2 months, then it can be reused. Under normal usage, it can be used for one year before it needs to be replaced.

The CSP-X1 Filter for AG+ Portable can be used for 3-6 months before it needs to be replaced.

Silver ion technology does not spray silver ions into the air and does not produce disinfection sprays or any chemical by-products. Also, the silver ion itself is safe.

The AURABEAT AG + Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier has a smart mode. It uses a precise sensor to monitor indoor air pollutant levels and adjust the airflow rate. Even under the highest airflow rate, the noise level is very low.

The High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter destroys and suppresses viruses and microorganisms and can eliminate the microorganisms accumulated on the filter surface. Users do not need to worry about the risk of infection when replacing filters. High-efficiency UV light for long-lasting disinfection of the air and the inside of the air purifier. The plasma disinfection layer provides rapid disinfection, eliminating any remaining microorganisms in air. These 3 disinfection technologies ensure air healthiness and safety.

In addition to eliminating microorganisms, AURABEAT AG+ can also effectively remove PM2.5, PM10, haze/smog, formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds, smoke, and odour. AURABEAT AG+ is an all-round yet highly efficient air purification and sterilization unit.

Yes, most allergens caused asthma and respiratory allergies are caused by particulate pollutants. Other than efficiently eliminate virus and microorganism, our high efficiency silver ion air filter can remove >99.7% of particulate pollutants from air, making it effective to relief asthma and respiratory allergies.

It is recommended to close the doors and windows when using the air purifier to ensure the purification function can achieve efficient and rapid ventilation and disinfection. If necessary, open a few windows to keep the room ventilated.

The AURABEAT AG+ air purifier (NSP series) is equipped with an automatic induction mode, and 3 wind speeds can be selected.

After 20 to 30 minutes of general use, the air quality has been significantly improved. It is recommended that it can be used for a long time.

Generally, there is no need to turn on the air purifier when no one is there. But if necessary, it is no problem to open for 24 hours all year long.

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You can register for maintenance on the official website. Note that the product model, product serial number, date of purchase, place of purchase, etc. must be filled in the maintenance form. Remember to keep the invoice for warranty purposes.

You can contact our customer service department (Whatsapp 97273558) to arrange replacement within seven days from the date of receipt.

From the date of purchase, the product warranty period is 1 year. Please keep the invoice and register the warranty on our website. During the warranty period, maintenance is free. Customer needs to return the product to our AURABEAT CARE Centre in Tsuen Wan for repair and maintenance, and pick up the product in our Centre afterwards. Customer can also choose our delivery service for device transportation before and after the repair. The delivery service fee is HKD300. For the location which cannot be reached by truck (such as outlying islands/restricted areas/village houses/etc.), surcharge will be required. For details, please email

NSP-X2 is the all-in-1 choice for elimination of odour, viruses and bacteria; while NSP-PCO is the professional choice for high efficiency elimination of viruses and bacteria with UVC light included. With patented AG+ silver ions antiviral technology, both models are suitable for residential and commercial purposes. The suggested area is 538sqft (NSP-X2) and 460sqft (NSP-PCO) respectively.

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Our products are invented by our professional engineers in Hong Kong and are manufactured in Mainland China with strict quality control. Our unique AG+ silver ion antiviral technology has multiple efficacy and safety certifications. Our products are registered as Class II medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).