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Solution for Vehicle Ventilation

How bad is the air inside a car?

Air inside a car

Pollutant levels are often higher inside the car cabin than outside of the car. Many modern filters are not equipped with filtering/killing viruses inside the cabin.

Especially virus like Coronavirus is mostly spread through human contact—generally between people within six feet of each other—

If your Corona-infected passenger sneezes in the car, there’s nothing filtering & Eliminating the virus he/she misted into the air, that air is just being circulated around the cabin and infect more.

AG+ patented coating can be widely used on multiple air filters.

  • Aurabeat AG+ technology can eliminate >99.9% Covid 19, viruses and bacteria within 30 minutes proven by an authoritative US virology laboratory – MRI Global
  • Can be used in any vehicle models, without changing the existing design of the filter.
  • Silver Ion coating can last for 2 years for around 10,000 miles / 16,000 km.
  • Avoid secondary infection when replacing the filter.
  • No electrical wiring.
Scania Trucks Scania Trucks

Do you want to have a clean ventilation for your vehicles?

Scania Trucks Scania Trucks

Estimation of the filtration efficiency and drag coefficient of Volkswagen automobile air filter Even if the AG+ coating is added, the drag coefficient is not increased.

Case Filtration Efficiency (%) Effective Clean Air Change Per Hour (ACH)
H14 Antiviral HEPA Filter 99.997 37.6
3M Air Cleaning Filter 8.6 - 13.6 14.3
Open Windows N/A 15.6

Multiple International Authoritative Certifications

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